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Greater Ottawa County United Way

Who We Are

GOCUW is a volunteer driven organization.  Volunteers from our community make all major decisions.  One of the most important decisions to make every year is where to invest the money people pledge.  We do not fund agencies – we fund specific programs.  Every 3 years we sponsor a formal community-wide needs assessment process.  We go into the community, ask questions and listen.  This process identifies and prioritizes the needs of our community, as defined by the people who live and work in our neighborhoods on a daily basis. 


The money that we raise will go to fund well over 50 programs in Ottawa County.  No one ever plans to use a GOCUW funded service.  We always think they are there “for that other person”.  However, past service statistics show that (1 of every 4 people in Ottawa County) will contact a GOCUW partner agency – Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, Hospice, American Red Cross, Salvation Army – just to name a few.  But it’s not how many people are helped, what matters is that those people’s lives are changed for the better because they were able to receive those services. Without your help we could not meet the needs of our community – the needs of your co-workers, neighbors or family members.

What We Do

At Greater Ottawa County United Way, our mission is to improve the quality of life for all Ottawa County residents by identifying pressing community challenges and focusing the community's collective power and resources to address those needs with a focus on Give, Advocate, and Volunteer.


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