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Who We Are

Expressions of Extended Grace


Inspire! is a monthly community event held the first Sunday of every month at 1pm. It is an opportunity to grow spiritually and morally as we explore specific areas of concern and highlight ways in which those concerns are being addressed. We start by giving the individual an opportunity for reflection, healing and growth and then challenge them to use their health and wholeness by helping to address the needs of the larger community. This event is participative and experiential. We don’t just talk about issues, we do something about them. We leave knowing we have accomplished something!


Recognizing that there are many service opportunities available and that sometimes it is difficult to know the myriad of ways one can get involved, Extended Grace is a repository of information to connect people with ways they can help. At the same time, Extended Grace is actively working to see how we might bring together interested parties to engage our creative imagination to “think things that haven’t been thought before.” By finding new synergies and creative collaborations, we can hope to finally solve many of the problems and struggles people in our community regularly face.

Strategy Teams: Mental Health

As Extended Grace works with other organizations, it is also interested in bringing new resources to the “gaps” in the system. Recognizing the need to end stigma and discrimination for the many individuals who struggle with mental illness, Extended Grace is currently forming a team dedicated to working with other agencies to provide education, advocacy and resources for this population, as well as their friends and family members.

Just Goods

Extended Grace is opening a fair trade/social cause store called Just Goods. Just Goods will sell traditional fair trade items as well as offer a storefront for hand crafted items made by inmates involved with Humanity for Prisoners and by students enrolled in CBI. CBI is a program of the Intermediate School District that provides Community Based Instruction for 18 to 26 years olds with disabilities. Just Goods will also be a site for students to learn the skills necessary to succeed in a retail environment.

Mudita Gifts

Mudita is a Sanskrit word that means “I rejoice in your good fortune.” It is a reminder that what any one person receives is a gift for all and that we need to live in an atmosphere of abundance and generosity rather than scarcity, competition and fear. Extended Grace offers a limited number of Mudita monetary gifts to individuals with creative ideas aimed at changing the world and improving the lives of others.

Cultural Immersion Trips

Extended Grace works with Pilgrim Spirit Tours in order to offer cultural immersion experiences around the world. Cultural Immersion is one of the most effective ways to help people see the lens through which they see the world. Current PST itineraries include China and Tibet with Kenya and Honduras soon to be added.

Women and Girls

In September 2016, Extended Grace will host an international event to call attention the systematic subjugation of women and girls ranging from honor killings to sex trafficking to sexual assaults on college campuses. Keynotes and general sessions will call attention to these issues while spotlighting organizations involved in justice and equality for this half of the population. 

What We Do

Extended Grace is a collaborative agency through which caring people can bring about positive change. Our goal is to nurture, educate, and inspire so that together we can advance causes of social justice and human rights.

To accomplish that goal, we seek to connect people who want to make a difference with opportunities to accomplish that.

Extended Grace people are curious, compassionate, and creative. We are each utterly unique, and together we are uniquely suited to address the challenges of our community and of our day.


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