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What We Do

70×7 Life Recovery provides the tools and support which empower assist people who have been convicted of a felony, are re-entering society from a life of incarceration or are returning from addiction rehabilitation.  Our program encourages people to succeed and provides them the skills to do so.  When participants complete our 4 week program they can apply for employment at one of 40 local companies that we partner with.  Most companies will not hire felons for permanent positions. New Day Staffing, our in house staffing agency places people in jobs that offer a path to success.  When we place a participant in a job, we provide them with a volunteer mentor.  Mentors meet with one participant, once a week, for up to a year.  We provide training and 24/7 support for our mentors and participants

If you would like to learn more about being a mentor with our ministry, contact Ron Bechtel.


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