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Children's Advocacy Center Ottawa

Who We Are

Our Mission: 

To protect children by providing prevention and multi-disciplinary intervention in investigation, assessment, and treatment of child sexual abuse in an environment that is child sensitive, supportive, and safe.

What We Do

The Board of Directors, staff and volunteers of the Children's Advocacy Center believe child sexual abuse is a community problem. Past experience has taught us that no single agency can possibly meet all the needs of sexually victimized children and their families. We have also learned that taking child victims from agency to agency for multiple interviews traumatizes the children and, in fact, re-victimizes them. We are committed to providing a coordinated, multi-disciplinary team approach including Protective Services, Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Mental and Medical Health professionals. It is our goal to provide programs and support services for child victims and their families which will enable them to heal emotionally and physically.